My home project featured on Ikea Family Live

It has been a very difficult decision to make in the first place and I was afraid of putting my home for a public view, after all it is my private space. Finally I gathered the courage and wrote “my home story” to Ikea Family Live. Then I got a positive response and additional questionnaire to be filled in (a long one) then to choose photos etc – a lot of work. While I was doing this, still was a bit apprehensive about “going public” but eventually decided to click the “Send” button and it was done…
It will be published next year in Ikea Family Live magazine. Exciting…but still scary…

Ok, the reason why I am doing this is because I dream about becoming an interior designer & decorator. To start my own company. I have not much experience, but plenty of enthusiasm and this is what I LOVE DOING. Since 6 years interior design became my big passion, I have a large collection of books & magazines, TV programs recordings, thousands of photos, articles, links and a lot of blogs I follow daily, from all over the world in many different languages.
To do it professionally is very tuff work and I am aware of the effort & engagement involved and the next important thing is to be patient. To start from nothing with no expectations in mind, and build some “portfolio” over the years. That requires to embrace this fear of going public, an interior decorator needs to be public to get new clients and much more activity. So if I don’t deal with this anxiety right now, at the beginning, this would clearly become a major problem in the future. And after all, you start from your own home – that’s your first project. Well, it isn’t the very 1st one for me. But experimenting in your own home is the starting point.

So, if someone needs an advice, I would gladly be of any help and of course for free.

This is the link to my Ikea Family Magazine article:


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