My Ikea

When I started my home project in early 2010, I had inspiration article about Polish home from interior magazine. When renovation phase was over and it was time to start furnishing, I realized that this plan is impossible. Firstly because I couldn’t find the exact specific furniture here in NL and secondly (most important factor) I didn’t have much money left after the renovation and realized that it would cost a fortune.

I was disappointed at first. The plan landed in the trash and I went to Ikea to see what is possible on the budget. Then another shock – even Ikea was not affordable to furnish and accessorize all the spaces, at least not right away. So I drew new plans for each room based on Ikea products and tried to achieve the atmosphere I wanted in the first place. It took nearly 3 years, changes, rearranging. I finally feel good with the finished product, although it still needs painting here & there.

Paging through Ikea catalogue I found some of the pieces I have and thought I will make a scrapbook called “My Ikea” – pictures of products I have at my own home cut from the catalogue.


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