IKEA best of living/dining/kitchen designs 2013

Nowadays we live differently than we used to. Kitchen and dining area is often a part of living area, rooms have more than just one function. Workspace/bedrom…living room/bedroom…kitchen/workspace…or a studio with just one room with all the functions. In traditional houses there is a hallway with rooms leading of it, in homes now sometimes we walk straight into a living room or a kitchen. We use more & more multi-functional, flexible furniture and we use different, sometimes very creative, storage solutions.
Ikea has a good choice of furniture, from traditional to modern and multifunctional. Regardless of how you live or what your style is, chances are that you will find something for yourself.

Growing up in Poland in the 80’s, I remember that in every home you could find the same furniture. There was a very small choice. Now every visit to Ikea makes me appreciate the choice there is and in how many different ways it is possible to furnish the same space. What I love about my visits to the showroom the most, are apartment-like spaces: “living on 23 m2, 35 m2, 55 m2”. It feels homely there, I stretch on the couch, try out the bed…
Lot of inspiration for our own home to personalize it to match our needs and our taste.
After all, home is a reflection of who we are, our personality.

Here are my favorite picks. Enjoy!


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