Books smell good (Linteloo inspiration)

There is nothing which can replace a real book, magazine, a real brochure…not a downloaded PDF one. I can’t seem to be used to reading in Internet or on the smart phone although it would solve the storage problem, as I have a large collection of books & magazines, many about my passion – interior design. I like the smell of a newly purchased book or a magazine, play with the cover. Some books have even a structure to them like “Piet Boon 3” which is on my coffee table. So it’s that astethic look & feel (& smell) to it which ebook cannot replace.

And what is the best place to cuddle up with a good book/nice magazine and withdraw ourselves from the madness of our everyday busy life? At HOME…
I love travelling but the good thing about is knowing that you have your HOME to return to.

HOME is the base of everything. It is much more than just a nice looking place – it is our safe sanctuary which influences our happiness and even health.

There are lot of things we have absolutely no influence but we have influence on how we arrange the space in the place we live. In the world where we absolutely have no control, anything can happen, we need sth we do have control over. For me it is my HOME. And for many others out there in the world too. Doesn’t matter where you live, what you do.
I discovered that once after coming home on a very busy day, I started doing some householding – doing laundry, cleaning, ironing, putting things back in the closet. It released the pressure and I actually felt relaxed.
Clean your house = clean your mind. That’s true. Cleaning & organizing stuff is a therapeutic experience. By getting read of the clutter we clean our minds. Less chaotic environment helps to relax, to focus, to feel back in control.
After cleaning the whole day I feel very tired but I do appreciate the difference it makes and that process also makes me realize how much I enjoy my home.

I found the inspiration for this blog post in the calatog and website of an interior design & furniture company LINTELOO. Few years ago I was complaining that there are no good Dutch designers and the design never reached the Netherlands (to far from Milan maybe?). But I don’t think so anymore. I came to know some of the work of the Dutch designers & interior companies and I feel like it’s becoming one of the best in the world. Linteloo is a Dutch company based in Zeist.
Here are some photos that I find inspiring…for those who love color and for those who like neutral base.

Inspiration is the base of dreams and it keeps us going…


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